Nina Ferro


29 May 2021   Doors Open:7:00 pm   Music Starts:7:30 pm

When you hear Nina Ferro perform, should you not quite believe your ears, then put your faith in Tony Bennett’s immaculate taste. After she had opened for him in concert, the great vocalist said of Nina Ferro: “She’s a fabulous performer with a knockout voice”. But you don’t need Mr. Bennett’s highly discerning musical ear to realize he is right. Once she starts to sing, you’ll know instantly that you are in the presence of a formidable talent. Just check your vital signs. Goosebumps? Check. Spine tingling? Absolutely. Emotions uplifted? You bet!

For this show Nina will be presenting a program of newly arranged covers and original material, including new works in the lead up to the recording of a new album in 2021.
Her shows sell out fast, so don’t miss this opportunity to hear one of Australia’s finest vocalists in action! 

Contact Info

27 Leslie St, Brunswick
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Phone: (03) 9080 4398




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